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27.03 20120

Cahaba Heights Show House

Interior Design

March 20th was the last day to visit the Show and Sell House in the Cahaba Heights area of Birmingham. Thankfully I got there in time to see it and sneak away with some great photos! The house was developed by Charles Kessler but all architecture and interior design was done by Christopher Architects. The house was recently built in a new neighborhood not far from the Summit called The Cove at Overton.

When first pulling up to the house, I must admit I got very excited to see the interior of this beautiful home. Outside the front door two small courtyards on either side of the walkway supplied me with a villa-like feeling as I walked in. This feeling was further echoed through the entire house. The house was very open and bright; each room flowed effortlessly into the next.

DSC03146Upon first entering the house, the dining room was directly on my left. The table, which is difficult to see from the picture, is worth noting. The table top looked like untreated wood, complete with cracks and a rough surface. I’m sure the wood was not completely untreated,  but either way this design element added a natural and casual feel to the dining room.

Dining Room Show House Cahaba Heights

Notice the nail-head trim on the chairs: (like I said before) this trend is hot this year. The nail head-trim adds interest and elegance to the plain chairs. The walk-through door that can be seen in the picture above directly led me into the living room of the house.

Cahaba Heights Living Room

The living room very bright because of the large windows on two of the three walls. The style of the sofa, which has arms as high as the back that can be folded up (as seen above) or let down. This style of couch is called Knole: a traditional favorite originally found in English country houses. Notice the finials that are tied together to hold up the arms of the sofa, which also employs a nail-head trim. Little details like this compensate for the lack of bright colors on the furnishing in the downstairs of the house. Instead of using colors to attract interest, the designers used small design elements against a subdued color palate.

DSC03142It’s worth noting that the ottoman placed in-front on the coffee table is covered in fur! This further accentuated the natural, outdoorsy feel of the home.


This fireplace sits across from the sofa and coffee table. It’s wooden mantle mimics the table top of the dining room and emphasizes the natural feel of the house even more. Similar design elements are repeatedly echoed from room to room. This strategy beautifully tied together the interior and improved the flow of the house. A small eating area separates the living room from the kitchen, which one must walk through to continue a tour of the house.

The kitchen was outfitted with modern appliances (including the dish drawer!) and stainless steel, but it doesn’t take away the natural feel of the décor in the rest of the house. Instead it compliments it quite nicely against the designer’s choice of color palate.


Interior Design





The modern look of the kitchen was not without the recurring design element of untreated wood. The island has the same appearance as the wooden mantle in the living room. The placement of a farm sink further ties the theme of the house into the kitchen.

Farm Sink

It’s interesting that the designers chose not to use any upper cabinets. Instead they installed stainless steel shelves. While this design choice may take away some necessary storage for some, it further emphasizes the open feel that is present throughout the whole house. Not to mention, the kitchen feels instantly bigger since there are no upper cabinets crowding the counters and creating shadows.

Interior Design

This blue leather couch was one of my favorite pieces in the house. It sat in a small sitting area at the top of the stairs. It’s a much brighter color that any piece downstairs, but still compliments the overall look of the house. While the upstairs of the house maintains the same wall color as the downstairs, the designers employed much brighter pieces and accents in the rooms upstairs.

Interior Design

The painting in this picture sits across from the blue couch. It’s called “Frenzy” and the artist’s name is Meredith Keith. She is developing quite the following in Birmingham and the designers of this house use a few of her pieces throughout the house.


An entertainment room that was located of the small sitting area was furnished with subdued brown and green colors. On the wall adjacent to the green chairs was a huge projection screen. The Marilyn Monroe piece hanging on the wall in the background is another piece by Meredith Keith.Interior Design

More posts are coming soon on the other rooms in the Cahaba Heights show and sell house.

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