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24.10 20160

A Glimmer of Glitterville

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Stephen Brown and longtime friend and business partner, Bryan Wilkerson, know how to throw a party. Every year the Tennessee based duo hold Seasonal parties in Stephen's family home. Built in 1904 with Edwardian Arts and Crafts architectural detail, it lends itself perfectly to compliment their party décor. And while they always hold a very large Christmas gathering for around 400 attendees, Halloween has to be their favorite. Stephen Brown and Bryan Wilkerson are the founders of Glitterville, a unique line of whimsical seasonal décor that has a multi-holiday giftware line and limited-edition handmade collection. Glitterville's favorite holiday is Halloween, with funky original designs and a playful color scheme. “Glitterville is H.R. Pufnstuf with a Tim Burton cherry on top,” Bryan Wilkerson said in an interview. They have a wide variety of items to liven up a party, from a “Big Top Halloween Tree” to vintage inspired paper jack-o'-lanterns that come in unique styles. The bright colors, attention to detail, and incredible insight and imagination that goes in to creating this fun, whimsical collection will inspire you to get into the festive spirit. Stephen and Bryan gather inspiration from everywhere, from a mother bird feeding her babies in “Trick or Tweet,” or arachnophobia inspiring a cuddly spider riding a tricycle festooned with banners. The fantastic imagery will enliven your festivities and make your Halloween gathering one people will enjoy. catolantern jackolantern2 jackolantern1

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15.04 20160

Trip to Roundtop Texas

I have some great pictures to share with you from my trip last week. I flew into Houston Airport were I rented a car to drive 100 miles or so to Round Top Texas, home of the Round Top Antiques Fair.


Here's a bridge on the drive to Round Top.


Traffic in Houston is notoriously bad.

traffic in Houston

A gas station on the way to Round Top.

gas station

For miles, there are vendors along the sides of the roads.

vendors for miles

More vendors in a barn:

vendors in barn

There are so many interesting things to see in Round Top itself. Here's one of my finds.

find at Roundtop

Automotive art was a major theme of the trip. Here's another view:


This artist makes art from old wood.

old wood art

Some of her pieces have quotes and sayings painted on them, and others are painted with patterns.

artist 2

Another image of that mirror. Beautiful workmanship.

artist 3

Here's a whimsical entrance with lots of interesting things to discover inside!

whimsical entrance

A cozy couch inside the camper matches the bed and the kitchen!

little camper interior

More of that adorable camper's interior. Here's the kitchen -

old camper interior

And the bed!

camper bed

The exterior of the camper was just as colorful. Every detail was coordinated. So cute.

Old dolled up camper

Another old camper, this one with a Native American flair.

native camper

Everything's bigger in Texas!

Big Texas

One of my favorite areas is this shop:

favorite area

This TV stand is made from the back of a car! If you love a car, why not turn it into something useful after it's broken down?

tv stand

More automobile re-purposing with a bar made from a Chevy truck:

bar from a chevy truck

The "outhouse" with lots of succulents out front.


We'll end with one last piece of automobile art, this time in the form of wall art.

wall art

It was a great trip! Thanks for sharing my journey.


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30.03 20160

More Going Green in 2016!

For Saint Patrick's Day, I blogged on Going Green. But there's so much more to be said! Spring is all about green, which can mean a lot of things to different people. For some folks, it's all about fashion. 13

Others think of it as a beautiful color for their home.


Or a way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside! Maybe it's floral or leaf motifs as details.


Or perhaps it's actual plants that you place throughout the house.


This vase is empty right now, but it's just waiting to be filled with spring flowers!


Science has proven that adding plants indoors can improve our air quality and mental health. They can be very elegant additions to your decor, too.


Of course, for those of us who don't really keep plants alive, there's also artwork inspired by spring. This painting is very verdant and alive.


There are other ways of going green, too. This article lists many ways to "go green" in an ecological way, while saving money in the process. One easy way is a low-flow showerhead.

Low Flow Shower Head

Saving water is very earth-friendly. There are other ecological ways to improve the world around us, too. One way is eating right - local and fresh foods. Perhaps you like to get outside and dig around in the dirt yourself. Here's a great article on drought-resistant shrubs that are perfect for Alabama's heat.

Locally, there's Pell City's Gateway Community Garden. "The goal of Pell City's Gateway Garden is to help everyone experience the thrill of growing your own lunch and give back to our community by helping others have access to healthy local foods."


If you don't have a green thumb, you can always support your local farms, like the Red Hills Farm in Cropwell, AL, is great because you eat local food, support your local economy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Another way to get local food is Pepper Place Market, which will start for the year soon! This is one of my favorite ways to get local food, as well as see local artists.


There's also a getting outdoors. One great way is riding a bike. The bike culture in Birmingham lately has grown almost overnight! The new Zyp bikes are as green as can be. Biking down to Pepper Place can be a great Saturday treat.

So - how about you? What does going green mean to you?

(Photos from my store at Lilly Designs, A Design Resource, and two of my favorite places  - Chelsea Antique Mall and Black Sheep Antiques in Harpersville.)

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17.03 20160

Going Green 2016!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We're excited about the warmer weather and bringing a lot more green into life, and what better day to start the conversation? In fact, March 2016's Pantone Color of the Month is an interesting green, Parisian Patina. I'd like to explore this color today in honor of both Saint Patrick and the coming spring.     Patina is a thin layer of oxidation that occurs naturally on metals, particularly those with copper content. And of course, Paris is full of statues, so it's very fitting. These bowls are darker than Parisian Patina but are in the same palette, with some Celtic-inspired design. Bringing Ireland and Paris together!   Bowls Going green is more than just a color, though. It's a whole lifestyle. Going green means respecting our world, so that people from all over, Ireland, Paris, here in the United States, and many many other places, will have healthy, happy lives on our precious planet. Green Globe   Green is the color of life, and it brings our hearts joy to see a splash of green plants mixed in with other design elements. We love our planet, and a little bit of growth indoors can be a beautiful thing.   Fern and green table     One of my personal favorite ways to go green is to repurpose or upcycle items. This champagne bottle is getting new life as a lamp stand. Wine bottle lamp Maybe you're inspired by Parisian Patina and want to paint a piece of furniture that needs new life: 16   This oil canister could have easily ended up in a landfill, but someone saw its beauty and saved it. Range Oil barrel Here's a similar piece, this time a lard container. There's lots of beautiful green in this picture, including some genuine Parisian Patina! Lard   That brings me to my other favorite way to go green. In my field, it's probably easy to guess. dresser   That's right - antiquing is a very green way to decorate  your home! Maybe you have an idea to give an old piece new life. Or maybe you love that weathered look. 19     I can't resist sharing with you another example of beautifully weathered furniture. The old fashioned fan is a nice touch. 9   One last picture of beautiful Parisian Patina. All items in this blog are from Lilly Designs Inc. or one of my favorite places, Chelsea Antique Mall.   6   What a fun blog! I'm planning to talk more about going green soon, so let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for my next installment of design inspiration!    

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08.12 20150

Christmas in NorthPoint Center

By: Renee Categories:Buzzworthy

The holidays are here, which means I took a trip to Dallas. I visited one of my favorite spots, the NorthPark Center in Dallas. I brought back some visual holiday inspiration for you!


Christmas is in full swing at NorthPark Center in Dallas!

Christmas NorthPark

Gingerbread display at North Park Center.

Gingerbread city

Visual display at Macy's.IMG_6886

This beautiful wreath is on display at the new furniture store Arhaus.IMG_1438

Delicate porcelain bowls on display at Arhaus.snowflake bowls

A sofa display at Arhaus.Arhaus Clock on a mantle at Arhaus.mantle arhaus

Another holiday display at Arhaus.Christmas display Arhaus

All of the lights and festivity on display at Arhaus. Holiday at arhaus Holiday wreath at Arhaus.


New store Pirch had a lot of interesting things to explore, too.  It's a fantastic concept store, and I had a lot of inspiration to gather there.Pirch logo

A few words of inspiration caught my attention in Pirch. Be crazy - pirch

Clean visual kitchen display at Pirch.IMG_4240

Hardware display at Pirch - the details are beautiful.


Another new store, Sundance, had a beautiful and eclectic Christmas display. newstore Sundance Fabulous vintage dress display! vintage dress display

And of course, a peace wreath is perfect for expressing what we all want over the holidays. IMG_80471

Where do you go to enjoy the Christmas holiday season? Do you get inspired by shopping?

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23.07 20150

Island Style

This year, my summer vacation was to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, which was beautiful! We saw so many design ideas while there. The island old world meets new world style was evident everywhere. Here's a view of the entrance to the hotel: walkway

Indoors was gorgeous as well. Look at those dark ceilings, contrasted with the light walls.


Here's a view of that mirror you can see in the corner. The bright sun motif really lights up that dark background, and the orange accents are understated but lovely.


Another display in light airy colors. Neat and beautiful.


Light fixture at the end of a stairway. The metal work is old plantation style, charming but durable.details

Mirrors everywhere caught the light and background plants. The island was lush and vibrant.


The artwork kept to the tropical and island theme. Here's a pineapple print.


An interesting fresco that caught my eye.


Detail on the furniture added those little reminders that this was a sophisticated, but comfortable getaway.


Flower and plant arrangements were everywhere, emphasizing the vibrant island life!

table and arrangement

Marble was a common element. It stands up to rough salty air well.


A potted plant surrounded by columns:

tropical foliage

Outdoors, I found one of my favorite things - an herb garden!

herb garden

A racehorse training in the water. I'm sure it enjoyed the chance to cool off.


Outdoor showerheads help get the sand and muck off of swimmers before they go indoors.

outdoor shower head

Many outdoor items had a patina. It's a good thing it's so beautiful and rustic looking, because on the island everything is subject to the elements.


A water fountain with lots of tropical plants around.


Does anyone know what these plants are? They're very interesting looking!

tropical plant

This was the chalkboard at one of the restaurants. We definitely took some time to relax and unwind.

coconut cove

Another spot to unwind. Beautiful and tranquil.


The "wish you were here" photo everyone sends home. I loved the palm tree on the railing. And I had a great vacation!

island view


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14.04 20150

Southern Style

By: Renee Categories:Buzzworthy

I was recently thumbing through my most recent copy of Birmingham Home and Garden. It's a great local magazine for those of us interested in home decor. There were several items that looked very familiar to me. I have a very similar style with some of the things that you can find in my shop in downtown Pell City. Thumb through the magazine with me! Birmingham Home & Garden   On page 40, this image: H&G 3 Drawer White Chest Reminded me a lot of this 3 Drawer White Desk at Lilly Designs: 3 drawer white desk It's an excellent buy at $675.00. 3-drawer price   Birmingham Home & Garden Magazine, page 63: Home & Garden Deer Head   Reminded me of this beauty on the wall in the kitchen area of Lilly Designs. Its price is $122.50: IMG_5271   Page 58 of Birmingham Home and Garden: BH&G pic of swing   I love these seats! So fun and comfy. Lilly Designs for $255.00. IMG_8471   This picture has a lot of cool elements going for it: IMG_4626   I've got a set of three round wicker trays here at the shop for only $45: IMG_5176   With a good eye and the right Design Resource next door, your home can be as beautiful as a magazine! Come visit me at Lilly Designs: A Design Resource and City Market in downtown Pell City AL soon! If you can't make it out there, we've got so much great stock online, too - just click the link to find something just your style at!    

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10.03 20150

Spring Is Around the Corner

By: Renee Categories:Buzzworthy, The Garden

March is here, and the end of winter is near! Cheer up, the cold can’t last much longer. Life in all its many forms is beginning to pop up everywhere! Frogs, insects, and seedlings are awakening to show us the glory of spring. The first whisper of spring gives me a burst of creative energy, and just like everything else, I begin to wake from my long winter’s slumber. March is the month that I being to dig into the Earth. I love to plant seeds that turn green with life. Soon we will see the bees and the dragonflies flitting through the rainbow of delicate blossoms. I’m looking forward to sitting in my outdoor paradise, breathing in the scent of the earth, and reawakening. arbor 1 Photo source: Martha Stewart Living. Beautiful covered arbor shelters us from the harsh sun rays. Perfect spot to sip your favorite refreshing cocktail. pergola 2 Photo source: Martha Stewart Living. Outdoor dining under a covered pergola among green and yellow blooms. hydrangea Beautiful outdoor garden area. Fresh cut hydrangea arranged on industrial cart made into console table. Perfect place to settle down with a glass of wine or sweet tea. Source: Country Decorating Ideas: French Country Style. toile Relaxing and romantic outdoor space. Table covered with Matelasse toile. The lace hanging above table is a very creative idea. Lovely comfortable brown wicker chairs in this cozy garden getaway. flagstone Large Pergola stand over flagstone area with teak furniture with comfortable cushions. Attractive garden space to relax with a good book.   CandlesticksSource: Country Decorating Ideas: French Country Style. Linen Drapery sets the stage in front of the river rock fireplace. The French tabletop is covered in lace. The mercury glass candle sticks and crystal chandelier illuminate the beautiful outdoor space. Breathtaking! weathered lantern Source: Country Decorating Ideas: French Country Style Sheer drapery hangs beautifully next to the white columns. The weathered lanterns a top the white wash French cocktail table. Illuminate this gorgeous outdoor space. friends and family Gathering with friends and family under a shaded tree with sunflowers in the background.   And some product from A Design Resource, as well: cast iron urn   Beautiful cast iron urn.   Garden Angel Blowing Kisses   This cute angel is blowing kisses!   garden bench   This is a gorgeous bench for your garden.   Rachel French Daybed   This daybed would look great in a sunroom, so you can enjoy springtime in style.   Wooden lantern   Wooden lantern for lighting up those summer nights! Pair with a citronella candle to keep bugs away.

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27.02 20150

Indoor Gardening

We had our winter blast here in Alabama over the past few days! Let's share a little green to chase some of those winter blues away.  Before the snow came I cut these beautiful daffodils from my yard and put them in a cut glass vase. When I see the daffodils blooming, it gives me great pleasure to know that spring is just around the corner. daffodils   During the end of February, and all the way into March, the weather here in Alabama might still be too bone-chilling to get out and play in the dirt. My suggestion to all you gardeners out there is to do some indoor gardening. Find a sunny spot in the front of a window and a portable planter. Plants some herbs or tulip bulbs or whatever your heart desires. Natural light is the key to a successful indoor garden. African violets and orchids are two species that thrive indoors.  Look for an attractive container and arrange them on a stunning shelf, and they will become the star attraction. Terrariums are eye catching and a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. Find some green moss and a glass dome. Ivy or ferns work well. Citrus trees are another favorite for indoor container gardens. daffodil Source: Garden Magazine. Distinctive Daffodils. They range in colors from pure white to golden to nearly green, with orange. Pink and almost red cups. tulips Source: Atlanta Homes Magazine. Tulips are another sign of spring. If you plant bulbs early in your favorite vase or container in your shed or garage. You can bring them in the house and force their blooming. Don't forget to water. primrose  

Source: Martha Stewart Living Primroses. You might find Primrose at your local super market in the floral department. Bring one home and place on your windowsill.
tree seedling
Source: Martha Stewart Living. Pick up a tree seedling from your local nursery and enjoy on a tray in a sunny spot in the house until the weather warms up for outdoor gardening. Find the perfect spot in the yard to plant.
Source: Atlanta Home Orchids. Antique urns are the perfect home for a fanciful orchid.
Source: Lilly Designs Amaryllis bulbs are easier to grow. Place in a special container and place in a sunny spot and water regularly. From the time you plant it should take about 5 weeks to see the beautiful trumpet shaped flowers that will brighten your winter windowsill.
Source: Real Simple Magazine Seedling Starter. Poke a whole at the bottom using a pin feel with soil and plant your seed. I love this idea!
Source: Country Decorating Ideas French Country Style Magazine This container of Lavender sits on the counter in front of the kitchen window.
Source: Garden Design Magazine Herbs: rosemary, spearmint, basil, Spanish lavender, marjoram, sage, Greek oregano.
hens and chicks
Source: Garden Design Magazine Hens and chicks in homemade hypertufa container
bell jars
Source: Real Simple Magazine
A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. You can simply place a dome over a orchid or succulent to create humidity for your plant and it make a beautiful statement.

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20.02 20150

Romantic Style

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's weekend and had the chance to experience some love and romance! I’d like to talk about Romantic Style. Imagine the fresh smell of white Oriental lilies, with their intense fragrance wafting in the air in your Romantic style cottage. The Romantic Style is a comfortable design style that appeals to the senses through flower arrangements, soft fabrics, painted furniture, or light filtering through sheer linen curtains. When creating the romantic style think about white washed walls, color palettes, fabrics and textures, and cherished items. Here are some things that work well when you are creating the Romantic style. Furnishings: Painted pieces, small accents with graceful curves and dark or natural wood accessories. Color: Soft grays, dusty blues, sage greens, antique ivory. All of these colors I’ve used when decorating in Romantic Style. I believe color schemes with muted tones  are best to use to create comfortable and relaxing rooms. Fabrics: Plush is the word that comes to my mind. Velvets, linens, lace. Soft, supple fabrics, like Egyptian cotton sheets. And don’t forget to add a touch of silk! Decorative Accents: Bring in silver frames with your loved ones photos. Candelabras or lighting with sparkling crystals. A carved French commode for a bedside piece. Sentimental family objects. IMG_6608   Love the champagne color velvet and the nailhead trim. IMG_6720 French dining table with acanthus leaf carving is gorgeous in this room with the white antique linens and antique candelabra. IMG_6471 Nothing is more romantic than a roaring fire. The beautiful antique tapestry looks lovely hanging on the wall next to the stone mantel. IMG_5615 I'm a lover of blue and white china. Blue willow, transferware, and flow blue are just a few I've collected through the years. In 1824, the Ceramics Act was passed requiring all pieces to have a country of origin mark. IMG_4721 Beautiful! A grapevine basket filled with the most magnificent color of roses. IMG_1299 A dining room should, in my opinion, have a beautiful center piece on the table with the perfect chandelier above. And of course, it should have fabulous artwork on the wall. IMG_9966 What a great spot to curl up and enjoy that juicy romance novel. IMG_4184   Bedding is where I love to go wild with pillows. How about a little pillow talk or maybe a game most commonly played by children but also enjoyed by adults? Let's have some fun and frolic with a good old pillow fight!   All pictures from Better Homes & Garden's Romantic Styles & The Cottage Journal 2014.

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