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20.12 20130

Savannah College of Art & Design Store

One of my favorite places for design ideas, up and coming artists, and just a good time is in Savannah, Georgia at their College of Art and Design (SCAD). They've got a gorgeous store with unique items. This time of year is the best for going and browsing, finding that perfect accent for Christmas or one-of-a-kind gift. Carved trees would look great on a mantle: Carved Christmas Trees These felt Christmas trees are pretty and tasteful. They would match most people's Christmas displays. felt Christmas tree A white Christmas tree is great for showcasing colorful blown glass ornaments. ornaments These elf dolls are adorable. Elf dolls   And look at the pointy ears! This guy is cool! Elf figure Wouldn't this make a great conversation piece? Festive, bright, and colorful! Festive decoration Even their confection area is gorgeous. Here's the candy display. Candy display And all sorts of treats for the sweet tooth. The gleaming glass displays serve to enhance the charm. Sweet treats This year is the 10th anniversary of their store, and it's clear they're doing really well! So many cool things to look at and buy. They even have a sister store in Lacoste, France that I'd love to visit one day!  If you're a designer, it's well worth the trip. And even if you're not, the next time you're in Savannah, you definitely should take the time to visit. Christmas is the best time of year, too!

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11.12 20130

Talladega Christmas Tour of Homes 2013

This Sunday, I  had the opportunity to tour a couple of the homes the Talladega Christmas tour. These are always fun for getting design ideas in general, but especially in decorating for the holidays! This Victorian home was built in 1906. The Lacys have lived here for 26 years and completely restored it. They were able to keep the original pine floors, as well as high ceilings, mantels, and fireplace inserts. Victorian home Talladega   I also visited this Greek revival cottage, built in 1950. It has been renovated and updated, but is a "work in progress." The owner is a fan of all things French, and it's apparent by visiting and seeing her interior.   Greek Revival cottage   Here are some of the interesting items I saw on the tour. You can see how just a subtle accent or two can make a beautiful home holiday ready.


 I love this cute little Christmas tree! Very understated and works well with the decor.

 subtle holiday accents

A splash of color is always festive and cheerful!


 Of course, sometimes you just want to go all out! This kitchen table is bright and cheery and cozy. It makes you feel like you're home. Christmas table There was plenty more to be seen. I've shared the highlights and best pictures from the day. Touring homes is a great source of inspiration and can put you in the holiday mood! I had a great time.

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27.11 20130

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope your Thanksgiving is bountiful and happy! Stay safe and warm, and make some lovely memories with those you love. There is so much to be thankful for this year. Thanksgiving dinner YUM

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11.10 20130

Halloween and Fall Items at A Design Resource

Fall is in full swing now, and Halloween is right around the corner. We've got several cute items at Lilly Designs: A Design Resource to help add those little touches to your interior to make it feel festive. Click on any link to take you to our interior design store and buy these cute items! Cute Halloween tags like these, made out of zinc so they're reusable year after year, can add a touch of whimsy to your wine bottle, a gift, or anywhere you find to use them. They are $15 for a set of 6 (two of each design).

Halloween Tags

Also for Halloween, these little matchboxes can be set out beside your fall-scented candle to add a tiny detail that puts everyone in the mood. At only $3.75, they're a very affordable way to add some ambiance and fun to your home. Reuse this box year after year. Both of these items would be cute for an "over the hill" party, too!

halloween matchbox

And for a more general fall feel, how about some cute card holders for your dinner table? Whether you're planning a Thanksgiving feast or another holiday party, these little acorns add a tiny bit of harvest-time to your table.  $6.50 for a set of 8.

fall card holder

What little touches do you add around your house to get it ready for fall?

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30.09 20130

4th Friday in Pell City, Alabama

Pell City, Alabama, has a lot of small town charm and appeal. My office is right in the middle of the downtown, on Cogswell Avenue. I get to interact with some amazing people every week. J. Cobb Designs sells beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry down the street. Doodlebugs sells boutique clothing and gift items. Other businesses bring a lot of vibrancy to our neighborhood.

Every 4th Friday, the Pell City Chamber, in conjunction with several downtown businesses, including Lilly Designs, holds an event to bring the community together, spotlight these businesses, and generally have a lot of fun. We have bands playing, dancers and other forms of entertainment. People can get henna tattoos, see a car show, all while discovering local art and eating food from local vendors. It’s a great way to get out and get to know the community while strengthening our economic base.

buy local

We had another successful 4th Friday on September 27th! Here's the flyer so you can see what you missed if you didn't come:

Sep 2013

4th Fridays have a great impact on the sense of community in Pell City. People get to know their hometown better by visiting vendors in a fun, low stress situation. Tourists can see what the city has to offer, as well. The more aesthetically attractive we can make the downtown, the better, because that brings locals and visitors to shop downtown. The downtown shops need this kind of exposure, so that people are more likely to consider local sources, rather than take their business to another city.

Live Mannequins at Monkey Bizness in Pell City

Live Mannequins at Monkey Bizness on a previous 4th Friday.
Photo courtesy 4th Friday Committee.
  Towns like Pell City are beginning to revive. It’s happening all over the state, and it’s vital for communities to get together and support one another.  I found a great article about this very topic in the Times Daily. The last paragraph, in particular, strikes home:
“The offerings of a downtown can be as varied as the creative and innovative people who are willing to risk opening a business. The municipal governments and business interests of each town in the Shoals should work together to help grow and sustain strong downtown districts that instill community pride.”  
So come out and join us on 4th Fridays! Stop by and say hello!  

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26.08 20130

Back to School

It's Back to School time! Already, the air has gotten crisper and it feels a little like football weather. It's the season for pep rallies, tail gating, fall fashions, and school buses. Pell City is in the swing. Pell City High School School buses are running, taking kids to school, to ball games, and home again.

school bus

At Lilly Designs: A Design Resource, we've got some items to help you get back into the back to school swing. Check out these beautiful leather accessories. Messenger bag:

leather messenger bag

Matching shaving kit:

shaving kit

Matching leather tote:

back to school fashions

Contact me if you're interested in any of these items. It's also the time of year for cute sports apparel. Supporting your team is even more fun when you can wear something as stylish as this houndstooth design featured by Judi Denard.


What does back to school mean to you?

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24.07 20130

Designing – Joy and Hard Work

This season's Market has come and gone. It was a busy time for me, and all of the designers I met out there. We had a lot of fun, and made a lot of exciting finds!


Even though it was gratifying and a good time, it was a lot of hard work, too. I picked up some new accounts, and researched for new upcoming trends that will help my clients to find those perfect pieces that will tie their interiors together.


There are literally millions of great designs and combinations out there. So many vendors and trends are everywhere! Going to Market is a great opportunity to research upcoming trends, see how they look in person, and experiment with what works, what doesn't, and how to incorporate new and more traditional ideas with a client's existing look to create unique and beautiful interiors.

embroidered pillow

There is a a lot of work that goes on in every design job, too. It's more than shopping for great pieces like these, although finding that perfect piece create a finishing touch does take time. Design takes a lot of know-how, legwork, and bringing together connections in the building and design worlds to pull the project together.

shadow box

With each room, there are so many things to take into account. Measurements have to be taken. Plans and alternate plans need to be drawn up. Color palettes need to be coordinated.

leaf bricabrac

  And then there is pulling together the right group of individuals to get the job done. Decorating and designing may require teams to install fixtures, cabinets, or wiring. The right team can get a job done in a timely fashion and let a client get back to their own business. This type of coordination involves having the right connections, knowing who does the best work in an area, and where to source materials. Fabrics   A designer has to do all of this, while meeting a client's needs and tastes as well. It's rewarding, wonderful work, truly! It is gratifying to know that a given space takes on a life and personality of its own after I've helped to pull it together.

hot pink feathered lighting

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! I'll be back soon with more inspiration to share! Reneesig

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18.04 20130


The plants are starting to wake up and come to life again! This time of year is amazing because of the transformation that the world undergoes. Everything that looked so dead is now becoming bright and cheerful. Planting your own garden is a great way to participate in the miracle of spring. fiddleheads

Some of us don't have a lot of room, but we can still bring a lot of healthy plants into our lives with container gardens. Don't be fooled, these little gardens can yield a surprising amount of produce. Apartment dwellers and those with small yards can still have some green in their lives with a little creativity and effort. After you start eating fresh herbs or tomatoes that you grew yourself, the stuff you buy in the grocery store seems a little lackluster and boring.

Container Garden

Others have the room to completely overhaul their yards into fabulous landscapes full of beauty and vegetation! This garden looks like it would take a lot of work, but imagine if this was the view from your kitchen window. I'm sure this gardener has an enormous sense of accomplishment after putting together such a picturesque kitchen garden.


There are so many ways to enjoy plants, and now is a great time to get started. We are beginning to learn that something as simple as getting out into the fresh air and digging some dirt is good for your health!  Even if you don't have a good space, there are NASA studies that prove that growing houseplants can improve the quality of the air you breathe. Beauty and a quality of life increase. How can you beat that?

gardening pots

I hope this inspires you to go out and get some fresh air and dig around in the dirt. It's a fun hobby that can scale with your budget, land, and free time. Start small, and see what works for you. Experiment, and don't get discouraged. Sometimes it takes a little time to figure out what your soil and lighting conditions need, but eventually you can have a beautiful, natural exterior to your home that you can be proud of. I even have some pots and accessories available at my design business, so that your interior . Give me a call or write a comment to see what ideas I have for you!


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25.03 20130


Monogramming is a fun interior design idea that has come a long way in recent years. Not very long ago, monogramming seemed to be for extremely formal households. However, it does not have to be stuffy or old fashioned. There are all sorts of fonts out there for a look that is entirely you. Are you trendy, elegant, whimsical? There are so many ways to personalize with monogramming. Here's a pretty piece of monogramming early in the process. These colors will look beautiful on a variety of surfaces, and can tie rooms together throughout your interior.


It all works well with the idea of personal branding that is becoming a simple fact of life.Monogramming doesn't even have to be lettering. It could be a logo or an image that appeals strongly to you. If you have any sort of online presence, it's likely you have a logo or something like it that represents who you are. Why not bring that splash of personality into your home? Here's a picture from Southern Living Magazine of a monogrammed slipcover that is modern and stylish. This is a cozy looking room, and the "B" on the slipcover simply adds a touch of style to an otherwise plain chair. Monogrammed slipcovers for dining rooms are very popular and a great solution for bringing life to chairs that you might otherwise replace.


Monogramming isn't limited to fabrics, either. Anything from silver, to handkerchiefs, to cups and wine glasses, to stationary can all be monogrammed with your initials, a personal logo, or whatever you'd like. Have fun with it, and make your interior design your own!


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11.03 20130

Spring Picks from A Design Resource

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Have you looked at A Design Resource yet? The weather is warming up, and we're looking forward to outdoor gatherings. Here's some favorites from my catalog.

Candles offered by interior design website

These citronella garden candles are a pretty alternative to the ordinary citronella bucket candle we see in so many gardens.

Pea Pod dish at interior designer Renee Lilly's website

If you're doing more entertaining with the nice weather, this adorable pea-pod shaped serving dish will do well for finger foods and nibbles.

Asian Prosperity Tea Table sold by interior designer Renee Lilly

Beautiful Asian prosperity tea table, which could double as a stool if it is more appropriate to your garden. This is a lovely addition to any garden, especially Southern gardens that often have azaleas and other Asian style plants.

What are you doing to celebrate the beginning of spring? Are there items you're on the lookout for to complete your outdoor design? I'd love to help you find that perfect piece.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!


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