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22.11 20130

November’s Fourth Friday in Pell City!

Tonight, we're going to have a great time in Pell City, AL. It's all the great fun of a normal Fourth Friday, with something special...

Fourth friday Nov 2013

Santa will be visiting Lilly Designs, A Design Resource in downtown! Don't miss it!


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30.09 20130

4th Friday in Pell City, Alabama

Pell City, Alabama, has a lot of small town charm and appeal. My office is right in the middle of the downtown, on Cogswell Avenue. I get to interact with some amazing people every week. J. Cobb Designs sells beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry down the street. Doodlebugs sells boutique clothing and gift items. Other businesses bring a lot of vibrancy to our neighborhood.

Every 4th Friday, the Pell City Chamber, in conjunction with several downtown businesses, including Lilly Designs, holds an event to bring the community together, spotlight these businesses, and generally have a lot of fun. We have bands playing, dancers and other forms of entertainment. People can get henna tattoos, see a car show, all while discovering local art and eating food from local vendors. It’s a great way to get out and get to know the community while strengthening our economic base.

buy local

We had another successful 4th Friday on September 27th! Here's the flyer so you can see what you missed if you didn't come:

Sep 2013

4th Fridays have a great impact on the sense of community in Pell City. People get to know their hometown better by visiting vendors in a fun, low stress situation. Tourists can see what the city has to offer, as well. The more aesthetically attractive we can make the downtown, the better, because that brings locals and visitors to shop downtown. The downtown shops need this kind of exposure, so that people are more likely to consider local sources, rather than take their business to another city.

Live Mannequins at Monkey Bizness in Pell City

Live Mannequins at Monkey Bizness on a previous 4th Friday.
Photo courtesy 4th Friday Committee.
  Towns like Pell City are beginning to revive. It’s happening all over the state, and it’s vital for communities to get together and support one another.  I found a great article about this very topic in the Times Daily. The last paragraph, in particular, strikes home:
“The offerings of a downtown can be as varied as the creative and innovative people who are willing to risk opening a business. The municipal governments and business interests of each town in the Shoals should work together to help grow and sustain strong downtown districts that instill community pride.”  
So come out and join us on 4th Fridays! Stop by and say hello!  

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26.08 20130

Back to School

It's Back to School time! Already, the air has gotten crisper and it feels a little like football weather. It's the season for pep rallies, tail gating, fall fashions, and school buses. Pell City is in the swing. Pell City High School School buses are running, taking kids to school, to ball games, and home again.

school bus

At Lilly Designs: A Design Resource, we've got some items to help you get back into the back to school swing. Check out these beautiful leather accessories. Messenger bag:

leather messenger bag

Matching shaving kit:

shaving kit

Matching leather tote:

back to school fashions

Contact me if you're interested in any of these items. It's also the time of year for cute sports apparel. Supporting your team is even more fun when you can wear something as stylish as this houndstooth design featured by Judi Denard.


What does back to school mean to you?

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24.07 20130

Designing – Joy and Hard Work

This season's Market has come and gone. It was a busy time for me, and all of the designers I met out there. We had a lot of fun, and made a lot of exciting finds!


Even though it was gratifying and a good time, it was a lot of hard work, too. I picked up some new accounts, and researched for new upcoming trends that will help my clients to find those perfect pieces that will tie their interiors together.


There are literally millions of great designs and combinations out there. So many vendors and trends are everywhere! Going to Market is a great opportunity to research upcoming trends, see how they look in person, and experiment with what works, what doesn't, and how to incorporate new and more traditional ideas with a client's existing look to create unique and beautiful interiors.

embroidered pillow

There is a a lot of work that goes on in every design job, too. It's more than shopping for great pieces like these, although finding that perfect piece create a finishing touch does take time. Design takes a lot of know-how, legwork, and bringing together connections in the building and design worlds to pull the project together.

shadow box

With each room, there are so many things to take into account. Measurements have to be taken. Plans and alternate plans need to be drawn up. Color palettes need to be coordinated.

leaf bricabrac

  And then there is pulling together the right group of individuals to get the job done. Decorating and designing may require teams to install fixtures, cabinets, or wiring. The right team can get a job done in a timely fashion and let a client get back to their own business. This type of coordination involves having the right connections, knowing who does the best work in an area, and where to source materials. Fabrics   A designer has to do all of this, while meeting a client's needs and tastes as well. It's rewarding, wonderful work, truly! It is gratifying to know that a given space takes on a life and personality of its own after I've helped to pull it together.

hot pink feathered lighting

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! I'll be back soon with more inspiration to share! Reneesig

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03.07 20130

4th of July at Morgan Creek Vineyards

Alabama has some really fun places to visit, especially during summer. Alabama is at its best when the sun is shining, the berries are ready to pick, and the bees are buzzing about. If you have some time and are looking for something fun to do, I recommend checking out Morgan Creek Winery in Harpersville. morgan creek winery   Best of all, they're open for the 4th of July, and their website says they're going to be doing it up in style: BBQ, fireworks, live music, wine tours, and wine tastings to celebrate the holiday! Stuart McNair will be performing solo from 5 PM to 6PM tomorrow. , bringing guests an irresistible sound of Folk, Country, Bluegrass, and Louisiana traditions for a joyous live show. Follow the link for McNair's music to get a preview of what you can expect tomorrow.  


Even if you've already got plans for the 4th, there's plenty of reason to visit Morgan Creek Winery at ano don't go out tomorrow, there are a lot of fun things to do at Morgan Creek Winery on other days. The lady that answered the phone said that blueberries have been in season for about two weeks, and should be good for picking for about four more. Picking your own is $12/gallon or $7/half-gallon.


gallon buckets of blueberries

There are wine tastings and tours, and in the fall there's a Grape Stomp. The wines they offer are unique, including muscadine, peach and blueberry varietals: Cahaba White, Noble, Vulcan Red, Red Mountain Red, Magnolia, Blush, Carlos, Regal Red, Blueberry and Peach wines. Try them out and bring home your favorite for your own use or entertaining guests. You'll be supporting a great family local business, too.  You'll be glad you visited.


No matter how you spend the day, I hope you and yours have a Happy 4th of July! Be safe out there!

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14.06 20131

Shopping at Scott Antique Market

The next time you want to go shopping for something interesting and special, think about making the trip to Atlanta to Scott Antique Market. They have been open for 25 years, and are known as one of America's favorite antique markets. Be prepared, it's a little overwhelming! There's all sorts of original artwork on display for sale.

Artwork at Scott Antique Market

Magazine art Scott Market

From their website:

We host the World's Largest Indoor Antique Shows the second weekend of every month at the Atlanta Exposition Center in Atlanta, Georgia and also a giant antique show at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio, November thru March. The shows are accurately billed as "A Treasure Hunter's Paradise!
Chair The market has even been featured in a Southern Living article. They suggest going early, starting outside, shopping both the south and north buildings for a variety, and eating the chicken salad when you're tired and ready for a break!

Swan bowl

In the south building, there's a junk man with all sorts of pieces and parts. I love to just go and look at all the ideas that I can borrow in my design business.  Here you can see some refrigerator magnets made from old typewriter keys: Magnets from typewriter keys

And some old box springs just ready for someone creative to transform it into a work of art!


I love getting lost in the market. You can easily spend most of your day just exploring, if you love to shop. There's such an eclectic variety of antiques and collectibles to be had. No matter what your personal style, you're sure to see something you absolutely love if you go to Scott Antique Market!

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15.04 20130

Facebook Contest!

Want to win this gorgeous tray? I'm looking for more fans and thought I'd shake things up with a monthly contest. The more people who visit my page, the better, and what better way to get your attention than with a giveaway? This colorful oval tray with lemons is perfect for spring, and would be a beautiful addition to your home!


All you have to do to enter April's contest is LIKE us on Facebook, and follow this link to enter. Don't forget to share A Design Resource with all of your friends on Facebook! The more success I  have promoting both on Facebook and through my Pell City interior design business, the more opportunities I will have to share interesting, beautiful items with you. Thanks so much! Reneesig

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29.05 20120

From Picasso to Warhol

The High Museum in Atlanta is known for the traveling exhibits that fleetingly become part of their collection. For half a year or so, the exhibit From Picasso To Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters graced visitors to the High. Luckily I was able to catch this exhibit before it disappeared from the walls of the High and moved on to entertain other cities.  

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27.03 20120

Cahaba Heights Show House

Interior Design March 20th was the last day to visit the Show and Sell House in the Cahaba Heights area of Birmingham. Thankfully I got there in time to see it and sneak away with some great photos! The house was developed by Charles Kessler but all architecture and interior design was done by Christopher Architects. The house was recently built in a new neighborhood not far from the Summit called The Cove at Overton.  

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01.03 20120

Hot Trends: Statuary and Busts!

Here’s the thing about busts and statues: you either love them or you hate them. If you hate them, maybe you haven’t come across the right one yet. The options are endless for statuary to enhance any space.  

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