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23.02 20130

Geometric Patterns in Interior Design

The use of geometry in interior design is a current buzzworthy trend that is a lot of fun. The honeycomb on this website is a perfect example! Taking regular patterns and creating visually appealing spaces isn't a new idea, but it can be applied in a way that makes a modern, refreshing look for your space. Take a geometric pattern like either of these:

Geometric swatchRepeating geometric pattern

And work it into your room. These geometric patterns used in accent pieces can liven up an otherwise generic room. Clean, regular patterns can provide that modern appeal, especially when paired with unusual color choices.

Patterns on accents

  patterned upholstery

geometric wall art

This regularity does not need to be rigid, though.  Have fun with it!


 Random geometry

  Two different views of this headboard can illustrate the use of shapes, patterns, and color to create an overall whimsical and festive effect. In the first picture, you can see the headboard in detail. The stripes on the pillow are different than the stripes on the headboard, but complimentary. In the second picture, you get the full context of the room. It's definitely not all about boring precision. Notice the geometric regularity of the placement of the pictures and the clean lines of the light shades.

Pillow stripes contrast with the headboardHeadboard from a different perspective

  Have you made use of geometric patterns in your home? Consider using this interior design trend to modernize your look. I would love to share ideas with you on how to update your existing decor, or to completely revamp your home using this as a base. Contact me or visit my commercial website for more interior design inspiration.

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09.02 20130

Industrial Furniture

Last week, we talked about how a painted finish can change the look of your existing furniture and update your decor. Today I want to focus on another trend in interior design, the industrial furniture trend. Here's an example of a room that incorporates industrial elements into the design. Notice the shelving, in particular. Doesn't it create a unique look? It really adds an attractive element to the overall feel of the living space.

industrial furniture changes your interior's look

Industrial furniture is at a peak of popularity right now. When the economy is having a hard time, mass produced furniture is cost effective. There is a quick turnaround for these pieces. Another feature is their durability. The materials are often heavy wood and sturdy metals. These materials lend themselves well to a raw, unfinished look, that works well with natural finishes. Industrial furniture is also made to take more punishment than ordinary home furniture.

These pieces can be used in our homes combining practicality and usefulness in a way that can be very attractive, if it is done right. The simple, unadorned lines can be elegant and simple and coordinate well with other styles. It's becoming more common to see office chairs, stools, and industrial type shelving incorporated into interior design. Many existing manufacturers are capitalizing on the concept.  You see reproductions of industrial furniture that appears to be old and weathered all the time.

Here's another piece, on display in my showroom at Lilly Designs in Pell City, AL.

coffee table cart

That coffee table has lived another life as a cart in a warehouse. It's durable and practical piece of furniture that has already proven its worth. Instead of a sturdy and useful cart becoming just another piece of trash in the landfill, this cart continues to be useful as a unique and appealing focal point to this seating area.

Are you looking for something elegant and practical for your living space? Would you like ideas on upcycling existing furniture to work with your existing furnishings? I'd love to hear your thoughts about industrial furniture.


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27.03 20120

Say Goodbye to Your Dishwasher and Hello to the Dishdrawer!

fp-tall-dish-drawerHave you ever thought about owning a dishdrawer? If you haven’t, you might very soon. The dishdrawer is becoming more affordable and as a result it's gaining in popularity in kitchens everywhere! And it’s not because of the way it looks.  

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22.11 20110

Fall into our Exquisite Table Setting for the Holidays

By: Liz Categories:Buzzworthy, The Hive

Apple Photo 1Renee has designed this wonderful outdoor table setting, for Southerners still enjoying a long Indian summer, or for those who just enjoy the richness of the fall leaves as they change colors.  

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21.11 20110

New Architecture assembled with reclaimed finishes

By: Renee Categories:Buzzworthy, The Hive

The dining area has a reclaimed wood dining table and leather chairs with nail-head trim. Photo’s from Western Interiors and Design Architect Paul Bertelli refines the mountain vernacular for a Family ranch in Colorado This new space does indeed look as if it was an original nineteenth century homestead.  

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21.11 20110

The Bercot’s Barn Style House

By: Renee Categories:Buzzworthy, The Hive

Renee mentioned earlier that she had the pleasure of staying at the Bercot’s Barn Style House in Indiana during her nieces wedding. Here is a look inside their stunning testament to Americana. -Callie  

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