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01.03 20120

Hot Trends: Statuary and Busts!

Here’s the thing about busts and statues: you either love them or you hate them. If you hate them, maybe you haven’t come across the right one yet. The options are endless for statuary to enhance any space. Statuary and busts have been incorporated into design for thousands of years. Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt used statues to commemorate their gods and beloved leaders. Today it’s a little different, but the style and tradition, not to mention grandeur, of statuary and busts still lives on. And this year it’s going to be a popular trend for the home and garden, again! At this year’s American Red Cross Show House, busts and some statuary pieces were placed by several designers to accent their designs. Statuary can make a strong or subtle statement. Take a look at my favorites from the Red Cross Show House.


This white bust sits in the sun room of the Show House. It’s very life-like. You can literally see the tension in the face’s muscles. To make the bust stand out the designers added a wooden necklace around the neck, which makes the piece stand out. Any necklace could be placed around the neck as an added design element; anything from costume jewelry to a diamond necklace. It’s the small details like these that add interest to a room and make it unique.





This statue is a more traditional bust. Yet it is unique at the same time. It’s a bust of the upper torso, versus just the head and neck. The arms and body have been removed to project a positively Greek impression. The size of the body has been scaled down to offer a new perspective on upper torso statues, which are normally much larger, like the next example.



This antique-looking bust also gives off a Greek impression. It’s more true to size than the previous one and its worn appearance adds the antique look, which is further emphasized by the speckled mirror behind it. To contrast the antique look, the designer placed glass candle sticks on the table. This ties the bust in with the modern look of the rest of the room.


This statue is the fountain in one of the outdoor rooms of the show house. While it can’t be considered a bust or statue, it’s still worth noting here because it has the same design effect. The head, a faun for mythology lovers, reminds me of A Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream. Its use here makes a bold statement against the patterned tiles of the fountain.

Of course busts and statues are pre-made and can be directly purchased, but there are many dealers that will cut any statue or bust for you according to your specifications. I recommend checking out









Also be sure to visit for more ideas for decorative accents that add interest to any space!

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