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27.02 20150

Indoor Gardening

We had our winter blast here in Alabama over the past few days! Let’s share a little green to chase some of those winter blues away.  Before the snow came I cut these beautiful daffodils from my yard and put them in a cut glass vase. When I see the daffodils blooming, it gives me great pleasure to know that spring is just around the corner.



During the end of February, and all the way into March, the weather here in Alabama might still be too bone-chilling to get out and play in the dirt. My suggestion to all you gardeners out there is to do some indoor gardening. Find a sunny spot in the front of a window and a portable planter. Plants some herbs or tulip bulbs or whatever your heart desires.

Natural light is the key to a successful indoor garden. African violets and orchids are two species that thrive indoors.  Look for an attractive container and arrange them on a stunning shelf, and they will become the star attraction. Terrariums are eye catching and a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. Find some green moss and a glass dome. Ivy or ferns work well. Citrus trees are another favorite for indoor container gardens.

Source: Garden Magazine.
Distinctive Daffodils. They range in colors from pure white to golden to nearly green, with orange. Pink and almost red cups.
Source: Atlanta Homes Magazine.
Tulips are another sign of spring. If you plant bulbs early in your favorite vase or container in your shed or garage. You can bring them in the house and force their blooming. Don’t forget to water.


Source: Martha Stewart Living
Primroses. You might find Primrose at your local super market in the floral department. Bring one home and place on your windowsill.
tree seedling
Source: Martha Stewart Living.
Pick up a tree seedling from your local nursery and enjoy on a tray in a sunny spot in the house until the weather warms up for outdoor gardening. Find the perfect spot in the yard to plant.
Source: Atlanta Home
Orchids. Antique urns are the perfect home for a fanciful orchid.
Source: Lilly Designs
Amaryllis bulbs are easier to grow. Place in a special container and place in a sunny spot and water regularly. From the time you plant it should take about 5 weeks to see the beautiful trumpet shaped flowers that will brighten your winter windowsill.
Source: Real Simple Magazine
Seedling Starter. Poke a whole at the bottom using a pin feel with soil and plant your seed. I love this idea!
Source: Country Decorating Ideas French Country Style Magazine
This container of Lavender sits on the counter in front of the kitchen window.
Source: Garden Design Magazine
Herbs: rosemary, spearmint, basil, Spanish lavender, marjoram, sage, Greek oregano.
hens and chicks
Source: Garden Design Magazine
Hens and chicks in homemade hypertufa container
bell jars
Source: Real Simple Magazine

A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. You can simply place a dome over a orchid or succulent to create humidity for your plant and it make a beautiful statement.

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