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25.03 20130


Monogramming is a fun interior design idea that has come a long way in recent years. Not very long ago, monogramming seemed to be for extremely formal households. However, it does not have to be stuffy or old fashioned. There are all sorts of fonts out there for a look that is entirely you. Are you trendy, elegant, whimsical? There are so many ways to personalize with monogramming.

Here’s a pretty piece of monogramming early in the process. These colors will look beautiful on a variety of surfaces, and can tie rooms together throughout your interior.


It all works well with the idea of personal branding that is becoming a simple fact of life.Monogramming doesn’t even have to be lettering. It could be a logo or an image that appeals strongly to you. If you have any sort of online presence, it’s likely you have a logo or something like it that represents who you are. Why not bring that splash of personality into your home?

Here’s a picture from Southern Living Magazine of a monogrammed slipcover that is modern and stylish. This is a cozy looking room, and the “B” on the slipcover simply adds a touch of style to an otherwise plain chair. Monogrammed slipcovers for dining rooms are very popular and a great solution for bringing life to chairs that you might otherwise replace.


Monogramming isn’t limited to fabrics, either. Anything from silver, to handkerchiefs, to cups and wine glasses, to stationary can all be monogrammed with your initials, a personal logo, or whatever you’d like. Have fun with it, and make your interior design your own!


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