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24.10 20160

A Glimmer of Glitterville

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Stephen Brown and longtime friend and business partner, Bryan Wilkerson, know how to throw a party. Every year the Tennessee based duo hold Seasonal parties in Stephen's family home. Built in 1904 with Edwardian Arts and Crafts architectural detail, it lends itself perfectly to compliment their party décor. And while they always hold a very large Christmas gathering for around 400 attendees, Halloween has to be their favorite. Stephen Brown and Bryan Wilkerson are the founders of Glitterville, a unique line of whimsical seasonal décor that has a multi-holiday giftware line and limited-edition handmade collection. Glitterville's favorite holiday is Halloween, with funky original designs and a playful color scheme. “Glitterville is H.R. Pufnstuf with a Tim Burton cherry on top,” Bryan Wilkerson said in an interview. They have a wide variety of items to liven up a party, from a “Big Top Halloween Tree” to vintage inspired paper jack-o'-lanterns that come in unique styles. The bright colors, attention to detail, and incredible insight and imagination that goes in to creating this fun, whimsical collection will inspire you to get into the festive spirit. Stephen and Bryan gather inspiration from everywhere, from a mother bird feeding her babies in “Trick or Tweet,” or arachnophobia inspiring a cuddly spider riding a tricycle festooned with banners. The fantastic imagery will enliven your festivities and make your Halloween gathering one people will enjoy. catolantern jackolantern2 jackolantern1

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11.12 20130

Talladega Christmas Tour of Homes 2013

This Sunday, I  had the opportunity to tour a couple of the homes the Talladega Christmas tour. These are always fun for getting design ideas in general, but especially in decorating for the holidays! This Victorian home was built in 1906. The Lacys have lived here for 26 years and completely restored it. They were able to keep the original pine floors, as well as high ceilings, mantels, and fireplace inserts. Victorian home Talladega   I also visited this Greek revival cottage, built in 1950. It has been renovated and updated, but is a "work in progress." The owner is a fan of all things French, and it's apparent by visiting and seeing her interior.   Greek Revival cottage   Here are some of the interesting items I saw on the tour. You can see how just a subtle accent or two can make a beautiful home holiday ready.


 I love this cute little Christmas tree! Very understated and works well with the decor.

 subtle holiday accents

A splash of color is always festive and cheerful!


 Of course, sometimes you just want to go all out! This kitchen table is bright and cheery and cozy. It makes you feel like you're home. Christmas table There was plenty more to be seen. I've shared the highlights and best pictures from the day. Touring homes is a great source of inspiration and can put you in the holiday mood! I had a great time.

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