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13.02 20150

Valentine’s Day

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Every year on February 14th, many people around the world exchange candy, gifts, flowers, jewelry, and cards. It’s been estimated that one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent yearly. Here are a few items for that special someone that you can get online at, and at our retail location located at 1917 Cogswell Ave in Pell City, Alabama.

I had a wonderful time over the weekend creating a valentine for that special man in my life. Two of my best girlfriends and attended a workshop at The Black Sheep in Harpersville. We all created wonderful homemade valentines. We used things from our past that I’ve kept through the years like lace, buttons, photographs, etc. The girls and I had a great time sipping on good wine and nibbling on great food while we created our masterpieces.


I would recommend to all to put some time aside to have some fun and frolic with your girlfriends while creating something special. Whether it be a homemade valentine for your loved one, or painting a piece a furniture that you picked up and a yard sale, it will be a blast. Of course, the best gift you can offer someone on Valentine ’s Day or any day is investing quality time together.


I consider myself to be somewhat of a romantic. I love lace, pearls, white linen, chaise lounges, candlelight, and gentle settings. I enjoy bringing that sense of romance into my work with clients and into my retail shop.

Handcrafted silver finish candlestick

Enjoy looking at some inspiration for the Romantic Style!


Happy Valentine’s Day. xoxoxoxAntique rose

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11.02 20140

A Few of My Favorite Kisses

One of the favorite gifts my husband has ever given me was back when I was taking photography classes. For Valentine's Day, he gave me a beautiful photography book of kisses, A Kiss is Just A Kiss. This book, by Bruce Velick, has 60 of the most famous and delightful photos of kisses of the 20th Century. It even has an introductory essay on the kiss by one of the great wits of our generation, Tom Robbins.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

 One of the most famous kisses in the world is Gustav Klimt's painting, "The Kiss."


  My first concert was KISS.


This piggy kiss is pretty terrific!


  And of course, who doesn't love these kisses?

hersheys kisses

  Here's hoping you have a great Valentine's Day, filled with lots of kisses!   Reneesig

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14.02 20130

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I wish you all lots of love on this Valentine's Day!

A Design Resource <3s youWhite roses for Valentine's!Lovebirds on a pillowCupidbeautiful peacockCute Heart Wreath for Valentine's

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